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Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02297

A new if not unique KQRN vs krnp mate in 3 chess puzzle or problem (whichever you wish to call it) composed by Chesthetica using the ‘DSNS’ computational creativity approach which does not use any kind of machine or deep learning.

8/8/5Q2/1n6/3r4/1Npk4/4R3/3K4 w – – 0 1
White to Play and Mate in 3
Chesthetica v10.76 : Selangor, Malaysia
2018.9.22 3:44:00 PM
Solvability Estimate = Difficult

White is over a rook’s worth in material but the precise win in this position still needs to be found. Solving chess puzzles like this can also help improve your game.

Main Line of the Solution (Skip to 0:35)

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